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Delivering Robust Services for Full Digital Reinvention of Applications

At Inaho, we help global enterprises to transform their legacy portfolios to more recent and flexible, modular applications aimed at delivering speed, efficiency and resilience. Our services aim at delivering an agile approach to application development, driving digital transformation smartly through intelligent automation and business integration.

Key Differentiators

Inaho believes in a tailored, co-creative approach towards technology deployment and solutioning, enriched by our leadership teamʼs 20+ years of deep expertise of delivering projects in Japan.

Best-fit next-gen digital solutions

  • Unique global
service delivery

    Unique global service delivery

  • Rich entrepreneuria 

    Rich entrepreneuria culture

  • High-performing
project teams

    High-performing project teams

  • Timely completion &

    Timely completion & deliveries

  • Enabling digital
transformation with

    Enabling digital transformation with