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Data Analytics
A fundamental challenge enterprises face today is having clear, actionable information at the point of decision making. Relevant and timely insights can enable delivery of a personalized experience leading to positive and continuous consumer engagement. However, many companies face challenges getting the right information to decision makers at the right time. These include:
At Inaho we understand your business decisions need to be timely and based on accurate information and hence we have a superior service offering for you.
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Business Intelligence & Reporting
We provide consulting services that help in establishing an Enterprise Data Architecture strategy and roadmap for Big Data analytics. This enables a holistic view of business data within the enterprise.
Data Modelling
We make sure that you have advanced analytics using machine learning techniques for customer value analytics, risk analytics, and operational analytics.
Social Analytics, Scoreboards & Dashboards
Integration to social media platforms as well as creation of customised dashboards ensure actionable information is available to the relevant departments and entities.
Information Quality and Governance
Single view of entities such as customers, products or partners enable a competitive advantage and better decision making.
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Data Analytics