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SAP S/4 Hana

“Organizations are transforming into intelligent and real time enterprises. Build your digital core with SAP’s NextGen Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) product S/4 HANA. Enable agility and simplification across the Organisation.

Rejig your business with
  • Better insights drawn from embeded
  • Faster decision making leading to real time action
  • Higher productivity powered by intutive SAP UX

Accelerate SAP S/4 HANA deployment with SAP Tools and Methodology supplemented by our custom built roadmap for Japanese business.

Simplify your IT infrastrcture with public/hybrid. Extend capabilities with SAP Cloud Platform”

Services we provide

Greenfield Implementation
Begin your journey with SAP S/4HANA on a lush, “green field.” The possibilities are limitless and you can shape an IT landscape that aligns with your digital vision. From Discovery to Go-Live we hold your hands to eliminate surprises.
Migration/System Conversion
Benefit from a shorter implementation with a minimalistic approach, little redesign of business processes.Access new features like Embedded Analytics and SAP Fiori.
Consolidation/Optimization Divestiture
Consolidate SAP Systems globally or regionally to standardise processes and Carve out SAP footprint of divested business to comply with business, technology and legal requirements.

Tools and Methodologies

SAP Tools & Methodologies
Implement with speed and laser sharp precision with SAP Activate, SAP Best Practices, Standard Fiori Apps. Acceleretae and simplify S/4 HANA adoption with rapid and iterative deployment.
Inaho Proprietary
We complement SAP tool and methodolgy with our industry solution map, digital transformation methodology and SAP accelerators for all phases of S/4 HANA deployment.
Iterative deployment of S/4 HANA aligns with agile build approach. Depending upon readiness of the organization and implementation scenario agile methodolgy can be customised.

SAP Hana