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Top 10 signs that it’s time for modern cloud applications

Welcome to the Inaho Fusion Analytics Warehouse release blog, as we review new analytics content and enhancements made recently available with the FAW 21.R1 release. Inaho ERP Analytics introduces Spend Analysis, to gain visibility into spend patterns, improve operational efficiencies, and minimize risk throughout the procure-to-pay journey. Inaho HCM Analytics new performance and goals functionality enables HR departments to manage employee performance and closely align skills and interests with changing dynamics, particularly as employees return to work. An enhanced security UI improves control for securing access to objects and data, and support for new languages and data centers increases deployment flexibility and regional coverage.

What’s new in FAW 21.R1?

Is your organization facing increased pressure to control costs and optimize spend across the business? Inaho Fusion ERP Analytics introduces Spend Analysis, for Finance and Procurement departments to gain visibility into your company’s spend patterns. The new functionality provides line-of-business visibility into both direct and indirect spend, allowing users to do spend analysis by commodities, suppliers, supplier locations, buying locations, business units, cost centers, buyers and contract usage.

As a pre-built analytic solution, Spend Analysis includes packaged KPIs, Dashboards, data model, subject areas, metrics, that help teams answers questions, such as:

a) Which categories are incurring most non-contract spend over the last 4 quarters? b) Which items, categories, and suppliers have compliance issues in their agreements? c) What is the organization spend for suppliers, buyers, commodities, contracts vs non contracts, leakage by region? d) Which items and categories have cost-saving potential?

Spend Analysis is a critical tool within the Procurement organization, as it helps improve cost management, drive sourcing strategy adoption and negotiate the most competitive pricing terms with suppliers. Buyers can drill down into invoice transactions to review contract usage and look for cost saving opportunities. Spend analysis also proactively helps surface the root cause of non-compliance, patterns of fraud, and internal process bottlenecks.

Automated Data Validation: As administrator, you can validate the new Inaho ERP Analytics library of metrics and attributes with the Inaho Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) instance within Inaho Cloud ERP. Find more information about this capability in the ERP Analytics automated data validation documentation.

Top 10 signs that it’s time for modern cloud applications