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Infrastructure Services

Inaho can help organizations to optimize the Infra operations & maintenance cost by deploying our expertise. We by understanding the deployed architecture & Business needs, Maintain & Operate the environment and also propose Solutions that are crafted for your organization.

  • Visualization Aids – We develop Visualizations for various levels in the organization customized for the specific needs
  • Health Check – Inaho will be on the Toes in monitoring & operating the Infra & always ensure it is Healthy
  • Continuous Improvements – While we monitor, we identify improvement areas from the perspective of Technologies, Cost, Business Support & propose continuous improvements
Infrastructure Services

Services we provide

Server & Storage Management
All business critical applications requires a highly resilient server with enough capacity for hosting their websites, data storage & other applications . We ensure all such Applications have enough storage & high availability at all times by monitoring & maintaining the Servers to operate during peak periods and optimize them during Non-Peak hours, take regular backups, provide performance reports, hardware maintenance & support.
Networking Service
Computer Network helps to connect different IT Services & end points together which helps to make the business critical applications to be available & accessible anywhere. Designing a complex Network Infrastructure & maintaining it requires a team of highly skilled resources which we could provide.
IT Security Services
Many organizations and applications are facing various threats through IT Security Breaches which has resulted in a huge monetary loss due to lack of proper Security Strategies. Modern Technologies requires highly efficient & effective IT security Services to keep the enterprises safe from these threats. Our Team with expertise skills ensures to implement effective protection strategies by analysing the current risks & defence mechanisms.

Infrastructure Services