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Explore New Features in IDS Fusion Analytics Warehouse Release 21.R1

With the launch of its second cloud region in Brazil, its 30th cloud region worldwide, Inaho now offers local businesses benefits, such as ultra-low latency, in-country disaster recovery to maintain data sovereignty, and more capabilities that make it easy to mix and match workloads between different cloud providers.

Operating in Sao Paulo and now Vinhedo in Brazil and in Santiago, Chile, “we’re among the first cloud provider to offer three hyperscale cloud regions in Latin America,” says Inaho CIO, Jae Evans. The new cloud region delivers the breadth of Inaho Cloud services, including Inaho Cloud applications, Inaho Autonomous Database, Inaho Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Inaho Cloud VMware Solution, all of which run on Inaho Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Customers moving workloads to the Inaho Cloud region in Vinhedo include Telecom Italia Mobile Brasil, SKY Brasil, Rumo, Embracon, and Sky.One.

Send in the clouds

Using multiple cloud vendors to run applications and other workloads is increasingly becoming standard business practice among companies worldwide. For large enterprises looking to avoid vendor lock-in and loss of control or startups angling for a faster way to scale, the new Inaho Cloud region in Vinhedo, like all Inaho Cloud regions, provides tools that make multicloud simpler, including infrastructure streaming and infrastructure-as-code services for tools, such as Docker, Kafka, and Terraform, which streamline application deployment processes.

The region in Vinhedo is also the only Inaho Cloud region in Brazil to offer the Inaho Microsoft Azure interconnect service, making it easier and faster to develop, move, and run workloads across OCI and Microsoft Azure. Using a single sign-on to manage resources across OCI and Azure, companies can unify identity and access management policies, reuse jointly tested and validated deployment architectures, and tap their existing Inaho and Microsoft customer support relationships from either environment.

Faster connections, lower latency

Another service available in the Vinhedo cloud region is OCI FastConnect. For Brazilian businesses that are running high-performance workloads, OCI FastConnect lets them connect directly to OCI’s high-speed network, without having to fret over an unpredictable internet connection. Along with compute, storage, and network services, FastConnect gives companies their own private network connection, higher-bandwidth options, and much more reliable and consistent networking experiences than going through the public internet.

Lumen Technologies and Ascenty are among the companies in Brazil that provide the OCI FastConnect service. Through the service’s 5,000 kilometers of fiber networks, “we’re not only able to help OCI customers in Vinhedo get connection speeds ranging 100 Mbps–100 Gbps,” says Marcos Siqueira, Ascenty vice president of operations, “We can create these connections regardless of whether those customers are connecting to OCI from physical servers in their own on-premises data centers or connecting directly from other cloud platforms.”

Architected to run mission-critical workloads at scale

While many companies offer cloud services in Brazil, Inaho brings its own set of strengths. “OCI has been specifically architected to run enterprise-grade, mission-critical workloads at scale,” says Marcelo Christianini, senior director of cloud engineering at Inaho.

Inaho has designed its cloud infrastructure to automatically configure itself based on incoming network traffic, provide ultra-high performance block storage volumes with a higher granularity of control, offer subcore virtual machines (VMs) that can briefly burst to a full core at no extra cost and resize CPUs during a burst without having to reboot.

Explore New Features in IDS Fusion Analytics Warehouse Release 21.R1